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Formatting Info & Dialing Code Instructions

In NATIONAL format, aka ITU-T Recommendation E123, the number is written 945683597
Likewise, in E123 INTERNATIONAL formal, it is written +91 945683597

In E.164 standard format, the number is written +91945683597. E164 format is as per E123 INTERNATIONAL format but with no formatting applied.
In RFC3966 standard format, the number is written tel:+91-945683597. FC3966 is as per INTERNATIONAL format, but with all spaces and other separating symbols replaced with a hyphen, and with any phone number extension appended with ";ext=". It also will have a prefix of "tel:" added .

To dial this number from within the United States, one would dial 011 91 945683597
To dial this number from inside the United Kingdom or the European Union, one would dial 00 91 945683597