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OkCaller v3 2023 Edition is Here!
In recognition of a decade in operation, we have just launched the 2023 edition of OkCaller. The latest version of OkCaller brings Global Lookups to our website. A Social Media directory is also new to the website. Our mission to provide reliable, free Caller ID continues since developing the first OkCaller prototype in 2013. With work-from-home still in place for many since the Coronavirus pandemic began three years ago, knowing exactly who called and texted you remains of utmost importance, especially if you relocated or conduct remote telework. We've overhauled and streamlined our search pages using the latest standardized web technologies. You can trust our service, which has thus far provided over 300 million free phone lookups with 99.9% uptime. Please bookmark OKCaller for your next search - the most trusted directory reference.

Want to change how your information appears on OkCaller? Opt out? Simply go to your listing and request a PIN by SMS or phone call:

  • Edit your name as it appears
  • Add profile photos
  • Opt out entirely if so desired

OkCaller was one of the first online directories to allow you to edit your own phone listing. Since 2014, OkCaller users created login accounts to manage their listing. At the time, this was a great way to handle listing customizations.

Our new system avoids the need to register yet another password. You can now request an OkCaller PIN to authenticate and modify your listing. No passwords, no accounts to remember... Other feature requests may be sent to suggestions@okcaller.com

With over 800 million phone and address book contacts, OKCaller is one of the world's largest online directories. And, by allowing you to control how your presence appears online, this site stays accurate, useful and up-to-date. Make sure that people can contact you where and how you prefer by creating an account and editing your listing to show the most accurate information possible.

By taking control of your OkCaller listing, you ensure that your most up to date contact information is available; you can choose to display only the information you want shown. Curate your online contact information to make it possible for business associates, old friends and others to contact you at exactly the number your prefer.

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