Recent SafeCaller Activity for Area Code 212
Telephone Comments Timestamp
2127505302Marked Not Safe by IP address 174.197.#9##11: 2020-05-29 02:07:24
2122758403Marked Not Safe by IP address 68.173.2#6##: 2020-05-28 22:38:36
2125019644Marked Safe Caller by IP address 99.203.9#.##9: 2020-05-28 20:17:48
2124198292Marked Safe Caller by IP address 72.80.17#.##8: 2020-05-28 15:23:35
2122942985Marked Safe Caller by IP address 65.78.29#1##: 2020-05-28 15:05:10
2123045580Marked Not Safe by IP address 67.250.7#.##8: 2020-05-28 14:31:55
2123060324Marked Not Safe by IP address 100.2.22#.##: 2020-05-28 14:24:42
2125550000Marked Not Safe by IP address 152.32.1#0##7: 2020-05-28 08:00:28
2127118528Marked Not Safe by IP address 72.231.2#0##26: 2020-05-28 01:12:45
2122163131Marked Not Safe by IP address 148.75.2#1##27: 2020-05-27 23:31:03

Understanding the Listings

The listings to the right include the initials of the name, as well as the street, registered to a given phone number.

By clicking on the link for the number, you will see a detailed view. The detailed view will show the full name (rather than just initials), as well as the full street address, when available.

To see a detailed contact, you may also type any phone number into the search box to the left, instead of browsing the White & Yellow Pages.

Location Information

Phone numbers beginning 212-478 may be located in any city/state in the United States.

This is a result of various phone number portability regulations.

The location listed in our directories is actual data from public sources, rather than a "guess" at a location based on the areacode.

Tagged Numbers

SafeCaller If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a 'safe' contact.

Not Safe If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a problematic contact. For example, it may be a telemarketer, bill collector, prank caller, or other nuisance caller.

White & Yellow Page Listings

Phone Name (Initials) Street City State Zip Code
2124780218E.R S.RIVERSIDE DR #5 New YorkNY10031
2124780226H.H J.PO BOX 455 New YorkNY10156
2124780226H.H J.PO BOX 455 New YorkNY10156
2124780456H.M W.W 51ST ST New YorkNY10019
2124780598F. P.WORLD TRADE CT CN1 #105F New YorkNY10048
2124780605B.VAN D.E 47TH ST New YorkNY10017
2124780605B.VAN D.91ST #23 New YorkNY10001
2124780643J.F H.E 92 ST New YorkNY10128
2124780643J.F H.E 92ND ST New YorkNY10128
2124780643J.F H.E 92 ST New YorkNY10128
2124780643J.F H.E 92 ST New YorkNY10128
2124780643J.F H.E 92ND ST New YorkNY10128
2124780643J.F H.E 92 ST New YorkNY10128
2124780728D.T M.PO BOX 1821 New YorkNY10015
2124780728D.T M.PO BOX 1821 New YorkNY10015
2124780852J.R.S.E 112TH ST New YorkNY10029
2124781087AMB Z.H.E 58TH ST New YorkNY10022
2124781087AMB Z.H.E 58TH ST New YorkNY10022
2124781130H. R.PRINCE ST New YorkNY10012
2124781143L.NEW Y.
2124781523J V.RIVERSIDE DR New YorkNY10024
2124781814J. R.W 47TH ST New YorkNY10036
2124781870J.J C.LUDLOW ST #2 New YorkNY10002
2124782150J.L.R.CENTRAL PK W #4C New YorkNY10025
2124782169D.ANN A.W 81ST ST New YorkNY10024
2124782169D.ANN A.CENTRAL PARK W New YorkNY10025
2124782330H.P J.E 40TH ST #5TH New YorkNY10016
2124782330H.P J.LEXINGTON AVE New YorkNY10017
2124782393A. S.W 48TH ST #A4 New YorkNY10036
2124782393A. S.W 48TH ST #A4 New YorkNY10036
2124782654R.F C.32 New YorkNY10001
2124782969F E D.BROAD ST New YorkNY10004
2124783026P.FIT I.
2124783092M. D.15TH ST New YorkNY10011
2124783108PIA B.C.S.
2124783131A.G H.W 134 ST #17 New YorkNY10031
2124783131A.G H.W 134 ST #17 New YorkNY10031
2124783740TED S.63RD ST New YorkNY10021
2124783969D. E.2ND AVE New YorkNY10128
2124784130J. P.JAMES ST New YorkNY10038
2124784148J.J M.W 57TH ST #35F New YorkNY10019
2124784148J.J M.W 57TH ST #10A New YorkNY10019
2124784631J. J.COLUMBUS AVE New YorkNY10025
2124784789OF C.B.
2124785014B. E.E 34TH ST #16B New YorkNY10016
2124785160C.OF S.THE
2124785417M.L.& CO.
2124785770I.V.V.W 190TH ST #5A New YorkNY10040
2124785872P.K G.VARICK ST New YorkNY10013
2124786388J.R T.82ND ST #44 New YorkNY10001
2124786388J.R T.W 82ND ST #44 New YorkNY10024
2124786438E.I.A D.AMSTERDAM AVE #44 New YorkNY10033
2124786916R.G I.BARROW ST #4A New YorkNY10014
2124786916R.G I.5TH FLOOR AV #40 New YorkNY10153
2124786916R.G I.W END AVE New YorkNY10025
2124786916R.G I.SULLIVAN ST #4A New YorkNY10012
2124787000T. T.STANTON New YorkNY10002
2124787008D. G.28TH New YorkNY10016
2124787019J. BAE BROADWAY #3 New YorkNY10024
2124787019J. BAE MOTT ST #3K New YorkNY10012
2124787025JOE R.58TH New YorkNY10019
2124787027E.F E.39TH New YorkNY10018
2124787029M. AK JANE New YorkNY10014
2124787032D.K C.50TH New YorkNY10019
2124787038J. R.4TH New YorkNY10009
2124787059N. M.10TH New YorkNY10019
2124787059N. M.10TH New YorkNY10019
2124787067L. H.7TH New YorkNY10009
2124787067L. H.7TH New YorkNY10009
2124787074C. M.9TH New YorkNY10011
2124787074C. M.9TH New YorkNY10011
2124787076R. B.18TH New YorkNY10003
2124787103C.P B.11TH New YorkNY10014
2124787123C. R.29TH New YorkNY10016
2124787131M.D EBY 17TH New YorkNY10011
2124787141N. A.21ST New YorkNY10011
2124787144S.H S.15TH New YorkNY10011
2124787161S.C P.CHARLTON New YorkNY10014
2124787161S.M P.CHARLTON New YorkNY10014
2124787165S. D.27TH New YorkNY10016
2124787169E. HUH 56TH New YorkNY10019
2124787178M. A.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124787200H.& H.LLP
2124787216G. A.6TH New YorkNY10009
2124787221E. E.47TH New YorkNY10036
2124787221E.M E.47TH New YorkNY10036
2124787245D.J A.21ST New YorkNY10010
2124787245L. C.WATERSIDE New YorkNY10010
2124787249R. S.34TH New YorkNY10001
2124787256J. W.20TH New YorkNY10009
2124787261J. T.22ND New YorkNY10010
2124787272A. T.ELDRIDGE New YorkNY10002
2124787272B.K W.34TH New YorkNY10001
2124787279N. G.23RD New YorkNY10011
2124787279V.N G.23RD New YorkNY10011
2124787279G. G.23RD New YorkNY10011
2124787286J. P.12TH New YorkNY10011
2124787288M.S ALI 2ND New YorkNY10016
2124787288T. ALI 2ND New YorkNY10016
2124787288T.Z ALI 2ND New YorkNY10016
2124787295N. A.17TH New YorkNY10011
2124787296M.B S.RIVINGTON New YorkNY10002
2124787298P.J H.COLUMBUS New YorkNY10019
2124787298P.J H.COLUMBUS New YorkNY10019
2124787300D.L H.34TH New YorkNY10001
2124787300D.L H.34TH New YorkNY10001
2124787305F. T.LEXINGTON New YorkNY10010
2124787312I. G.GRAND New YorkNY10002
2124787313S. M.MACDOUGAL New YorkNY10013
2124787313S. M.MACDOUGAL New YorkNY10013
2124787323J. J.16TH New YorkNY10003
2124787324E. Q.SUTTON New YorkNY10022
2124787325M. K.57TH New YorkNY10022
2124787325M.L K.57TH New YorkNY10022
2124787346L.T DO AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS New YorkNY10010
2124787350JAY C.60TH New YorkNY10023
2124787360T. S.25TH New YorkNY10010
2124787367D. L.28TH New YorkNY10016
2124787367D. L.BLEECKER New YorkNY10012
2124787373ALI E.2ND New YorkNY10010
2124787373A. C.53RD New YorkNY10022
2124787385J.J B.43RD New YorkNY10036
2124787387M. P.3RD New YorkNY10010
2124787395S. C.MAIN New YorkNY10044
2124787414J. S.54TH New YorkNY10022
2124787420R. K.15TH New YorkNY10003
2124787420R.A K.15TH New YorkNY10003
2124787420R.A K.15TH New YorkNY10003
2124787428J.S A.54TH New YorkNY10019
2124787429J. B.3RD New YorkNY10003
2124787440M. P.15TH New YorkNY10011
2124787441J.R F.56TH New YorkNY10019
2124787441J.R F.56TH New YorkNY10019
2124787441J.R F.56TH New YorkNY10019
2124787447A S.38TH New YorkNY10016
2124787454A. V.WASHINGTON New YorkNY10011
2124787454A. S.WASHINGTON New YorkNY10011
2124787457B.A B.PERRY New YorkNY10014
2124787459B. S.END New YorkNY10280
2124787474N. BAO 7TH New YorkNY10003
2124787474Q. BAO 7TH New YorkNY10003
2124787477A. G.56TH New YorkNY10019
2124787481R. M.44TH New YorkNY10036
2124787495T. P.47TH New YorkNY10036
2124787506T.M T.WATERSIDE New YorkNY10010
2124787518SAM B.WILLIAM New YorkNY10005
2124787518SAM B.33RD New YorkNY10016
2124787519S. T.12TH New YorkNY10003
2124787520J.R LIM 46TH New YorkNY10017
2124787529V.A PAK LEXINGTON New YorkNY10010
2124787532E. H.22ND New YorkNY10010
2124787535T. K.PERRY New YorkNY10014
2124787535T. K.MERCER New YorkNY10013
2124787535T. K.PERRY New YorkNY10014
2124787535T. K.MERCER New YorkNY10013
2124787543A.J P.53RD New YorkNY10019
2124787544S. B.59TH New YorkNY10022
2124787572J. C.21ST New YorkNY10010
2124787593S. K.5TH New YorkNY10003
2124787640J. J.47TH New YorkNY10036
2124787641B. R.GRAND New YorkNY10002
2124787641J. R.GRAND New YorkNY10002
2124787642S. R.LEXINGTON New YorkNY10016
2124787642S.A R.LEXINGTON New YorkNY10016
2124787650J. M.PITT New YorkNY10002
2124787655E. E.57TH New YorkNY10019
2124787665AMY D.52ND New YorkNY10022
2124787666J.M C.FULTON New YorkNY10038
2124787676J. S.57TH New YorkNY10022
2124787676J.L S.57TH New YorkNY10022
2124787696G.S F.16TH New YorkNY10011
2124787696K. F.16TH New YorkNY10011
2124787705A.J T.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124787705R.A T.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124787705S. T.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124787705S.A T.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124787722J.L S.CENTRAL New YorkNY10019
2124787738L.R S.38TH New YorkNY10016
2124787750T. Y.RIVER New YorkNY10036
2124787752S. N.24TH New YorkNY10011
2124787753A. R.56TH New YorkNY10019
2124787756M.S O.CHERRY New YorkNY10002
2124787777O.OF THE I.A.AT LAR
2124787795P. H.34TH New YorkNY10001
2124787795P. H.34TH New YorkNY10001
2124787798B.& C.
2124787799E.B C.10TH New YorkNY10014
2124787804E. R.JANE New YorkNY10014
2124787805C. S.MAIDEN New YorkNY10038
2124787805C.P S.MAIDEN New YorkNY10038
2124787813C. C.46TH New YorkNY10017
2124787821S. D.RIVER New YorkNY10282
2124787831M.D A.RIVER New YorkNY10036
2124787832C. M.LEONARD New YorkNY10013
2124787833W. GAO 57TH New YorkNY10019
2124787833E. WAN ORCHARD New YorkNY10002
2124787842P T.42ND New YorkNY10036
2124787845D. S.55TH New YorkNY10022
2124787849C. S.BARUCH New YorkNY10002
2124787870A. G.WATERSIDE New YorkNY10010
2124787882P. D.CLINTON New YorkNY10002
2124787886M. D.AVENUE D New YorkNY10009
2124787888F M.RECTOR New YorkNY10280
2124787888F. M.RECTOR New YorkNY10280
2124787888F M.RECTOR New YorkNY10280
2124787888F. M.RECTOR New YorkNY10280
2124787890A. H.23RD New YorkNY10011
2124787902R. M.29TH New YorkNY10016
2124787903G. I.2ND New YorkNY10022
2124787915M. F.23RD New YorkNY10010
2124787918J.L S.CENTRAL New YorkNY10023
2124787918J. S.CENTRAL New YorkNY10023
2124787928J.V D.13TH New YorkNY10003
2124787933J. D.2ND New YorkNY10010
2124787940B. O.62ND New YorkNY10001
2124787942P. R.BARUCH New YorkNY10002
2124787946T. B.23RD New YorkNY10010
2124787947R.K D.FRANKLIN New YorkNY10013
2124787958IAN M P.MURRAY New YorkNY10007
2124787958IAN M P.52ND New YorkNY10022
2124787968A. C.ELIZABETH New YorkNY10012
2124787970K. B.8TH New YorkNY10003
2124787975R. A.STUYVESANT New YorkNY10009
2124787986J. P.CLINTON New YorkNY10002
2124787997M. A.58TH New YorkNY10022
2124787998A. H.23RD New YorkNY10011
2124787998A. H.23RD New YorkNY10011
2124788001L.P C.COLUMBUS New YorkNY10019
2124788003J. A.GREENWICH New YorkNY10014
2124788003J. A.GREENWICH New YorkNY10014
2124788012V. K.42ND New YorkNY10036
2124788017A. G.WATER New YorkNY10002
2124788017ANA L G.WATER New YorkNY10002
2124788018R.P P.22ND New YorkNY10010
2124788034M.C T.3RD New YorkNY10003
2124788054R. H.WALL New YorkNY10005
2124788056I. C.16TH New YorkNY10011
2124788058C.S S.56TH New YorkNY10022
2124788058C.S S.56TH New YorkNY10022
2124788084P. T.52ND New YorkNY10019
2124788093JON R.END New YorkNY10280
2124788096B.P H.11TH New YorkNY10014
2124788097BEN B B.WASHINGTON New YorkNY10014
2124788102M. W.COLUMBIA New YorkNY10002
2124788102M.M W.COLUMBIA New YorkNY10002
2124788112W. B.WEST New YorkNY10006
2124788115F. S.JOHN New YorkNY10038
2124788120N. M.61ST New YorkNY10023
2124788120N. M.61ST New YorkNY10023
2124788123F. S.5TH New YorkNY10016
2124788123K. R.SAINT JAMES New YorkNY10038
2124788125M.N D.13TH New YorkNY10003
2124788127P. R.7TH New YorkNY10003
2124788141C. TAN 15TH New YorkNY10003
2124788141J.P P.54TH New YorkNY10019
2124788143JIE HUA END New YorkNY10280
2124788145N. B.END New YorkNY10280
2124788149C. B.GREENWICH New YorkNY10013
2124788156RUI JIN 58TH New YorkNY10019
2124788157Y. M.42ND New YorkNY10017
2124788159A. L.10TH New YorkNY10001
2124788162D. B.51ST New YorkNY10019
2124788162A.A R.14TH New YorkNY10009
2124788162A.A R.14TH New YorkNY10009
2124788164S.M B.15TH New YorkNY10011
2124788167N. R.30TH New YorkNY10001
2124788181L.& P.
2124788201A G.30TH New YorkNY10001
2124788207B. A.JONES New YorkNY10014
2124788207R. C.32ND New YorkNY10016
2124788212M.D A.19TH New YorkNY10011
2124788228I. C.MOTT New YorkNY10012
2124788228B. C.6TH New YorkNY10009
2124788234D.E W.19TH New YorkNY10011
2124788234M.W B.19TH New YorkNY10011
2124788261A. ONO 10TH New YorkNY10003
2124788274G. R.25TH New YorkNY10001
2124788280V. C.GREENWICH New YorkNY10013
2124788285P.A T.HUDSON New YorkNY10014
2124788285B.A B.HUDSON New YorkNY10014
2124788294KIM A B.RIVER New YorkNY10282
2124788296M. F.14TH New YorkNY10003
2124788296M. F.14TH New YorkNY10003
2124788316T. P.21ST New YorkNY10011
2124788318M. C.HORATIO New YorkNY10014
2124788324E.T R.STUYVESANT New YorkNY10009
2124788334R. K.LEONARD New YorkNY10013
2124788343A.V B.7TH New YorkNY10011
2124788350J. V.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124788350J.S V.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124788350T.J V.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124788352S. K.47TH New YorkNY10036
2124788352S. K.47TH New YorkNY10036
2124788361P.L M.29TH New YorkNY10016
2124788368I. C.AVENUE D New YorkNY10009
2124788368I. C.AVENUE D New YorkNY10009
2124788373J. B.47TH New YorkNY10036
2124788373J.P B.47TH New YorkNY10036
2124788381U. SEN 16TH New YorkNY10011
2124788392G. A.47TH New YorkNY10036
2124788412K.N R.43RD New YorkNY10036
2124788435M. C.24TH New YorkNY10010
2124788442O.C I.WATERSIDE New YorkNY10010
2124788444AMY B M.HORATIO New YorkNY10014
2124788444AMY B M.HORATIO New YorkNY10014
2124788461G. P.WALL New YorkNY10005
2124788462J. A.23RD New YorkNY10010
2124788463P. V.24TH New YorkNY10011
2124788477D. D.27TH New YorkNY10016
2124788484J. F.HORATIO New YorkNY10014
2124788507W. G.9TH New YorkNY10003
2124788515D. H.39TH New YorkNY10016
2124788515D. H.39TH New YorkNY10016
2124788519V. G.22ND New YorkNY10010
2124788523A W.2ND New YorkNY10022
2124788527IRA A S.WEST New YorkNY10004
2124788527E. S.WEST New YorkNY10004
2124788527E.C S.WEST New YorkNY10004
2124788531N. LUU RIVER New YorkNY10044
2124788561L.A S.MURRAY New YorkNY10007
2124788563KAI F.55TH New YorkNY10019
2124788568J. C.JACKSON New YorkNY10002
2124788568J.N C.JACKSON New YorkNY10002
2124788573T. O.58TH New YorkNY10022
2124788578S.T F.60TH New YorkNY10023
2124788578S.T F.60TH New YorkNY10023
2124788586J.J S.59TH New YorkNY10022
2124788587M. S.JOHN New YorkNY10038
2124788587M. S.JOHN New YorkNY10038
2124788590C. A.28TH New YorkNY10016
2124788598E. B.GREENWICH New YorkNY10013
2124788603J. S.54TH New YorkNY10022
2124788621C. K.CHAMBERS New YorkNY10007
2124788625A. B.28TH New YorkNY10016
2124788627P. H.63RD New YorkNY10023
2124788627P. H.63RD New YorkNY10023
2124788628V. N.BARUCH New YorkNY10002
2124788628E. F.BARUCH New YorkNY10002
2124788630J.A S.WORTH New YorkNY10013
2124788639M.A APA 23RD New YorkNY10010
2124788641W. Q.AVENUE C New YorkNY10009
2124788643N. D.10TH New YorkNY10036
2124788645LEO J M.5TH New YorkNY10009
2124788645L.J M.5TH New YorkNY10009
2124788645LEO J M.5TH New YorkNY10009
2124788657C. R.WASHINGTON New YorkNY10006
2124788658A. U.MACDOUGAL New YorkNY10012
2124788661LOU M.28TH New YorkNY10001
2124788671E. G.27TH New YorkNY10016
2124788675M. W.58TH New YorkNY10022
2124788677G. EID GOLD New YorkNY10038
2124788687R. T.PIKE New YorkNY10002
2124788702V. H.BEAVER New YorkNY10004
2124788702V. H.BEAVER New YorkNY10004
2124788703J. F.PITT New YorkNY10002
2124788703J. F.PITT New YorkNY10002
2124788716D. P.BARROW New YorkNY10014
2124788725B.O H.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124788725B.O H.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124788726G.J M.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10024
2124788732A.S E.END New YorkNY10280
2124788734B. N.56TH New YorkNY10019
2124788736E. B.AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS New YorkNY10001
2124788739J.D M.10TH New YorkNY10014
2124788739J.F M.10TH New YorkNY10014
2124788746L. O.19TH New YorkNY10011
2124788763L. I.15TH New YorkNY10011
2124788764DAN H.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124788764DAN H.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124788767M. T.61ST New YorkNY10023
2124788774B. I.MADISON New YorkNY10016
2124788774B.L I.MADISON New YorkNY10016
2124788774T. I.MADISON New YorkNY10016
2124788792R. B.CATHERINE New YorkNY10038
2124788799K.L W.RIVERSIDE New YorkNY10069
2124788800F. R.19TH New YorkNY10003
2124788818L. D.TUDOR CITY New YorkNY10017
2124788835W.M H.HORATIO New YorkNY10014
2124788835W.M H.HORATIO New YorkNY10014
2124788839J. I.10TH New YorkNY10009
2124788845SAM VAN RECTOR New YorkNY10280
2124788857T. J.23RD New YorkNY10010
2124788857T.O J.23RD New YorkNY10010
2124788859J. S.25TH New YorkNY10010
2124788861S. P.HUDSON New YorkNY10014
2124788861S.J P.HUDSON New YorkNY10014
2124788867J.M O.AVENUE D New YorkNY10009
2124788872H. B.PEARL New YorkNY10038
2124788878G. R.BROADWAY New YorkNY10013
2124788921M. S.42ND New YorkNY10036
2124788922M.K S.BROADWAY New YorkNY10012
2124788933R. B.CORNELIA New YorkNY10014
2124788936H. S.PARK New YorkNY10010
2124788939M. C.36TH New YorkNY10016
2124788946S.J W.27TH New YorkNY10016
2124788957G. D.WORTH New YorkNY10013
2124788962JIM E.63RD New YorkNY10021
2124788986M. B.37TH New YorkNY10016
2124788992T. H.CENTRAL New YorkNY10019
2124788992T. H.CENTRAL New YorkNY10019
2124788996C.A K.21ST New YorkNY10010
2124788996C.A K.21ST New YorkNY10010
2124789770M.P S.89TH #01 New YorkNY10011
2124789770M.P S.W 89TH ST #01 New YorkNY10024
2124789770M.P S.7TH AVE #5 E New YorkNY10011
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