Recent SafeCaller Activity for Area Code 580
Telephone Comments Timestamp
5806703219Marked Not Safe by IP address 99.203.9#.##8: 2020-08-03 22:18:32
5804837118Marked Safe Caller by IP address 72.198.1#9##20: 2020-08-03 04:41:41
5807430814Marked Not Safe by IP address 107.77.2#5##6: 2020-08-01 08:24:52
5802892510Marked Not Safe by IP address 206.246.#0##5: 2020-07-31 14:42:34
5807612356Marked Safe Caller by IP address 184.206.#4##45: 2020-07-31 08:14:44
5802034745Marked Not Safe by IP address 49.34.12#.##6: 2020-07-31 02:45:25
5802076010Marked Not Safe by IP address 67.44.19#.##: 2020-07-30 17:13:15
5805966163Marked Safe Caller by IP address 107.77.1#6##7: 2020-07-30 16:46:28
5802451966Marked Not Safe by IP address 107.77.1#6##50: 2020-07-29 22:37:25
5802451966Marked Not Safe by IP address 107.77.1#6##50: 2020-07-29 22:17:43

Understanding the Listings

The listings to the right include the initials of the name, as well as the street, registered to a given phone number.

By clicking on the link for the number, you will see a detailed view. The detailed view will show the full name (rather than just initials), as well as the full street address, when available.

To see a detailed contact, you may also type any phone number into the search box to the left, instead of browsing the White & Yellow Pages.

Location Information

Phone numbers beginning 580-393 may be located in any city/state in the United States.

This is a result of various phone number portability regulations.

The location listed in our directories is actual data from public sources, rather than a "guess" at a location based on the areacode.

Tagged Numbers

SafeCaller If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a 'safe' contact.

Not Safe If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a problematic contact. For example, it may be a telemarketer, bill collector, prank caller, or other nuisance caller.

White & Yellow Page Listings

Phone Name (Initials) Street City State Zip Code
5803931228E. E.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803931228C. E.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932106O.L H.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932106O.L H.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932107J. T.4TH ST Dill CityOK73641
5803932109E. B.2ND ST SentinelOK73664
5803932110BOB O.4TH ST Dill CityOK73641
5803932114L.D N.3RD ST SentinelOK73664
5803932114L.D N.3RD ST ClintonOK73601
5803932114D. H.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932114D. H.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932116D.L C.2ND SentinelOK73664
5803932116K.J C.2ND SentinelOK73664
5803932118INA M B.10TH SentinelOK73664
5803932118INA M B.10TH HobartOK73651
5803932118INA M B.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803932124J. A.NORTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932126D. A.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803932126D. A.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803932126D. A.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932130JOE H.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932132G. H.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932132G. H.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932132E.W P.4TH ST SentinelOK73664
5803932132E.W P.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932132G. H.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932133A.M H.S 3RD ST ClintonOK73601
5803932133A.M H.PO BOX 613 SentinelOK73664
5803932133A.M H.S 3RD ST ClintonOK73601
5803932133A.M H.PO BOX 613 SentinelOK73664
5803932135J.B C.PO BOX 1 SentinelOK73664
5803932137LEO B.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803932137LEO B.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932144M. T.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803932148O. DAY GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932148O. DAY GRAND SentinelOK73664
5803932149JOE R K.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932150K. G.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803932150K. G.WASHINGTON ST SentinelOK73664
5803932150J.L H.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803932151SAM D D.8TH ST HobartOK73651
5803932151SAM D D.8TH ST ClintonOK73601
5803932153S. J.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932155J. I.4TH HobartOK73651
5803932157J.H O.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932161M. K.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932164K. P.2ND SentinelOK73664
5803932164K. P.5TH HobartOK73651
5803932164A. WAX MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932164L.M WAX MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932168T.D O.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932169RAY L.MAIN Lone WolfOK73655
5803932171T.OF S. BOX 38 SENTINELOK73664
5803932171T.OF S. E MAIN ST SENTINELOK73664
5803932173M. C.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932173R. C.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932177F. A.EN BOUNDRY SentinelOK73664
5803932177J. A.NORTH BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803932179L.F R.PO BOX 294 SentinelOK73664
5803932181S.B T.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932181J. O.NORTH BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803932181M.K O.NORTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932182J. P.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932185R. H.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932185R. H.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932190J. W.CIRCLE SentinelOK73664
5803932196S. B.6TH HobartOK73651
5803932197T.L L.WASHITA SentinelOK73664
5803932198J.K S.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803932202P.E P.WASHITA SentinelOK73664
5803932203P.A R.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932203P.A R.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932204C.A C.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932204V.D C.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932206S.D C.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932210S.K V.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932210S.K V.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932212J. M.CIRCLE SentinelOK73664
5803932212C. M.CIRCLE SentinelOK73664
5803932212J. M.CIRCLE SentinelOK73664
5803932212C. M.CIRCLE SentinelOK73664
5803932212J.L G.PO BOX 23 SentinelOK73664
5803932213J. APT BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932214C.A.D.C.SOUTH 3RD ST SENTINELOK73664
5803932214C.A.D.C.SOUTH 3RD ST SENTINELOK73664
5803932216C.A.D.C.SOUTH 3RD ST SENTINELOK73664
5803932216C.A.D.C.SOUTH 3RD ST SENTINELOK73664
5803932224T.W B.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932224T.W B.4TH ST HobartOK73651
5803932225P.S B.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932225P.S B.3RD ST SentinelOK73664
5803932226A. Z.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803932228B. C.2ND ManitouOK73555
5803932233T. R.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932235M. P.4TH Dill CityOK73641
5803932236T. P.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932240B.L M.ALLEN SentinelOK73664
5803932240B.L M.ALLEN SentinelOK73664
5803932241B.F T.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932245P. EVE MAIN WeatherfordOK73096
5803932245P. EVE MAIN ST WeatherfordOK73096
5803932248J. M.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932248J. M.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932254P. O.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803932254P. O.6TH ST ClintonOK73601
5803932254P. O.6TH ST HobartOK73651
5803932254P. O.6TH HobartOK73651
5803932254P. O.6TH ClintonOK73601
5803932254P. O.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803932254P. O.6TH SentinelOK73601
5803932258S. J.MAIN ST SentinelOK73664
5803932261D. H.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803932261D. H.6TH Dill CityOK73641
5803932261D. H.6 SentinelOK73664
5803932261B. H.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803932261D. H.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803932261D. H.6TH Dill CityOK73641
5803932261D. H.6 SentinelOK73664
5803932263B. C.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932264J. W.WASHINGTON ST SentinelOK73664
5803932264J. W.WASHINGTON ST SentinelOK73664
5803932264J. W.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803932264J. W.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803932264J.L C.WASHINGTON ST SentinelOK73664
5803932264J.L C.WASHINGTON ST SentinelOK73664
5803932270V. H.1ST SentinelOK73664
5803932271R L R.GRANT ST SentinelOK73664
5803932271R L R.GRANT ST SentinelOK73664
5803932271R L R.GRANT ST SentinelOK73664
5803932272S. D.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932272S. D.5TH HobartOK73651
5803932272S. D.3TH SentinelOK73664
5803932272S. D.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932273M.D R.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932276D. C.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932278L. O.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932281A. E.NORTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932281A. E.SOUTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932281A.W E.N BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932281A.W E.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932281E.J E.SOUTH BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803932281E.J E.BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803932281E.J E.NORTH BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803932281C.W E.N BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932281C.W E.SOUTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932281R. E.2ND SentinelOK73664
5803932281R. E.N BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932281R. E.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932281R. E.SOUTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932281R.K E.NORTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932287G. H.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803932290E. H.PO BOX 175 SentinelOK73664
5803932291L. L.SMITH SentinelOK73664
5803932295L D S.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932295PAT R S.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932296E. D.5TH HobartOK73651
5803932297S. G.1/2 4 SentinelOK73664
5803932297S. G.4TH ST Dill CityOK73641
5803932298O. DAY 3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932298O.C DAY 4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932298O.C DAY 4TH Dill CityOK73641
5803932299G.D T.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932299G.D T.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932299G. D.NORTH BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803932299G. D.NORTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932299G. S.NORTH BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803932314L. C.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932315D.L E.9TH ST SentinelOK73664
5803932315D.L E.9TH ST SentinelOK73664
5803932315J.D E.9TH ST SentinelOK73664
5803932316S. J.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932317D.R R.WHITMER ST SentinelOK73664
5803932317D.R R.PO BOX 296 SentinelOK73664
5803932317D.R R.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932317D.R R.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932325JOE B C.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932328J.L C.MAIN ST HobartOK73651
5803932328J.L C.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932328RON F C.MAIN ST HobartOK73651
5803932328RON F C.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932328RON E C.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932328S. C.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932333E. M.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932333E.O M.8TH SentinelOK73664
5803932336D.R C.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932336D.R C.WHITTAKER ShawneeOK74801
5803932337S. G.4TH ST Dill CityOK73641
5803932337B.K C.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932337J.A C.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803932338J.B P.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803932339A. E.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932339A. E.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932339E.J E.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932339REX E.BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803932339REX E.SOUTH BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803932339REX E.NORTH BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803932339C.W E.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932339R.K E.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803932344J. A.EN BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932347FAY V.WASHITA ST SentinelOK73664
5803932347FAY V.WASHITA SentinelOK73664
5803932351R G D.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803932352J. C.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932356R.H S.5TH HobartOK73651
5803932361M C C.3 ST SentinelOK73664
5803932361M C C.3 SentinelOK73664
5803932362J. M.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932362J. M.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932362J. M.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932366B.A M.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932366B.A M.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803932371SAM C.WASHITA SentinelOK73664
5803932373C. A.EN BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803932378S. P.1ST SentinelOK73664
5803932378J.C C.6TH ST #744 SentinelOK73664
5803932381M. H.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932381M. H.MAIN HobartOK73651
5803932381M.J H.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932386J.R. E 1280 RD CARTEROK73627
5803932386J.R.A.P. E 1280 RD CARTEROK73627
5803932387R.L R.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932387R.B R.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803932391G.L C.HobartOK73651
5803932391G.L C.PO BOX 543 HobartOK73651
5803932391G.L C.RR 2 Lone WolfOK73655
5803932393J. E.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803932555C.Y P.NE TORTOISE DR #D LawtonOK73507
5803933158S. A.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934314BOB R A.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803934316B.I R.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934316B. R.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934329G.P P.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934339R. B.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934339R.L B.PO BOX 482 SentinelOK73664
5803934339R.L B.MAIN HobartOK73651
5803934339V.L B.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934339V.L B.MAIN ST HobartOK73651
5803934355T.R C.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934360C. C.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934383J. T.7TH ClintonOK73601
5803934383J.M T.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934383J.D T.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934392C. W.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934404JAN G.HOWELL ST SentinelOK73664
5803934404JAN O.G.PO BOX 653 #3 MI W O SentinelOK73664
5803934405M.D D.WASHITA ST SentinelOK73664
5803934405SAM D D.WASHITA SentinelOK73664
5803934405SAM D D.WASHITA ST SentinelOK73664
5803934408R.E F.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934408R.E F.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934411M. O.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934419V.M S.2ND SentinelOK73664
5803934419V.M S.2ND ST ClintonOK73601
5803934419V. S.2ND SentinelOK73601
5803934419V.M S.2ND ClintonOK73601
5803934422J. B.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934422J.L B.MAIN HobartOK73651
5803934425C. V.MAIN Lone WolfOK73655
5803934425C. V.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934425C. V.MAIN Lone WolfOK73655
5803934425C. V.MAIN Lone WolfOK73655
5803934429R. B.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803934430G. R.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934430J. R.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934430G. R.NORTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934435JAY C.LINCOLN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934445E. P.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934447S.A I.METZ AVE DallasTX75232
5803934450C.S W.ACCESS Elk CityOK73644
5803934451DAN S.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934458R. S.4TH ST SentinelOK73664
5803934458R. S.4TH ST SentinelOK73664
5803934459A.R T.2ND SentinelOK73664
5803934460K. B.MAIN ST HobartOK73651
5803934460K.L B.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934460K. B.MAIN ST HobartOK73651
5803934460K.L B.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934461J. B.WASHITA WashitaOK73094
5803934461J.L B.WASHITA SentinelOK73664
5803934461J.L B.E WashitaOK73094
5803934461J.L B.E AnadarkoOK73005
5803934467O. T.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934470L. O.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934476M. R.RANDLETT HobartOK73651
5803934477C.F.D.S 7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934478A.N R.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934478A.A R.4TH ST ClintonOK73601
5803934482J K.MAIN HobartOK73651
5803934482T M M.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934483K.D S.LINCOLN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934483K.D S.LINCOLN SentinelOK73664
5803934485JOY A F.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934485JOY E F.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934487D.A P.5TH ST S #423 SentinelOK73664
5803934490J.H D.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934490J.H D.6TH ST ClintonOK73601
5803934490MAY B D.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934496J. R.4TH Dill CityOK73641
5803934496J. R.1ST SentinelOK73664
5803934499G. P.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934500K. B.NORTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934507E. E.HOWELL SentinelOK73664
5803934507H E.HOWELL ST SentinelOK73664
5803934507E. E.HOWELL SentinelOK73664
5803934522D.A.D.S PO BOX 134 SentinelOK73664
5803934531L. P.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803934533J. P.6TH HobartOK73651
5803934533J.W P.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934534C.G P.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803934534C.G P.WASHINGTON ClintonOK73601
5803934546W. D.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934547J. P.10TH HobartOK73651
5803934547J.D P.10TH SentinelOK73664
5803934547J. P.10TH SnyderOK73566
5803934548C.J V.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934551L. T.LINCOLN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934551D.V T.LINCOLN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934551L. T.LINCOLN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934551L. T.LINCOLN SentinelOK73664
5803934555C. P.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934560BUD J R.1280 CarterOK73627
5803934560INA J R.1280 CarterOK73627
5803934562R L R.MAIN Lone WolfOK73655
5803934562R.L R.MAIN HobartOK73651
5803934562R.L R.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934562R.L R.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934562R.M R.MAIN ST Lone WolfOK73655
5803934562R.M R.MAIN ST HobartOK73651
5803934562R.M R.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934562R.M R.MAIN HobartOK73651
5803934562R.M R.MAIN Lone WolfOK73655
5803934562R.B R.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934563B.C C.S GUM AVE AltusOK73521
5803934563B.C C.E TAMARACK RD #L153 AltusOK73521
5803934567J. R.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934571A.L C.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934572E T.5TH ST SentinelOK73664
5803934574E.R J.SentinelOK73664
5803934574T.C J.8 SentinelOK73664
5803934574T.C J.8TH ST ClintonOK73601
5803934574T.C J.8TH SentinelOK73664
5803934574T.J J.8TH ST ClintonOK73601
5803934577B.J H.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934577B.J H.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934578A. C.4TH HobartOK73651
5803934579H B H.10TH SentinelOK73664
5803934581C.L A.EN BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934593K.S W.6TH HobartOK73651
5803934593K.S W.6TH ClintonOK73601
5803934593K.S W.6TH ST HobartOK73651
5803934593K.S W.6TH ST ClintonOK73601
5803934593L. W.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934593R.H W.6TH HobartOK73651
5803934593R.H W.6TH ClintonOK73601
5803934593R.H W.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934593R.H W.6TH SentinelOK73601
5803934593R.H W.6TH HobartOK73651
5803934593R.H W.6TH ClintonOK73601
5803934593S.C W.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934595R.H S.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934606G.L C.E MAIN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934612D.B P.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934612D.A P.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934613P.A R.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934615J.A G.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934615J.A.G.E WHITMER ST SentinelOK73664
5803934616J.A W.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934621R.R B.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803934621R.R B.WASHITA SentinelOK73664
5803934625L. T.1ST ST SentinelOK73664
5803934633R.L R.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934638J. R.7TH HobartOK73651
5803934638J. R.7 SentinelOK73664
5803934638J.J R.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934638Y.S R.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934638Y. R.7TH HobartOK73651
5803934644B. FRY 7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934645J. A.WASHITA SentinelOK73664
5803934647Q. J.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934648J.L P.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803934648J.L P.WASHINGTON Elk CityOK73644
5803934652J. G.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934652J.L G.3RD HobartOK73651
5803934657V.D C.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934659T.C H.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934662H.B S.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934668H R L.4TH ST Dill CityOK73641
5803934668H R L.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803934669E A.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934672F. G.LINCOLN MarthaOK73556
5803934672F. G.LINCOLN SentinelOK73664
5803934673K.K C.ALLEN SentinelOK73664
5803934675R.R.S.PO BOX 483 SentinelOK73664
5803934676B. K.3RD ST ClintonOK73601
5803934676B. K.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934678V.R A.LINCOLN SentinelOK73664
5803934678B. A.LINCOLN SentinelOK73664
5803934678L.J A.LINCOLN SentinelOK73664
5803934678C. D.LINCOLN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934679C. P.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934680D. G.MAIN HobartOK73651
5803934680D.K G.VALENCIA ST Las VegasNV89121
5803934680D.K G.PO BOX 98 SentinelOK73664
5803934680D.K G.E MAIN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934680BOB G.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934680BOB A G.MAIN HobartOK73651
5803934680D. G.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934681F D T.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803934681F D T.WASHINGTON ST HobartOK73651
5803934681M. T.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803934681M.A R.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803934681M.A R.WASHINGTON HobartOK73651
5803934692P.A R.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934698R. B.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934698K.R B.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934804E.E H.WASHITA ST SentinelOK73664
5803934804J. H.WASHITA ST SentinelOK73664
5803934804M.E H.WASHITA ST SentinelOK73664
5803934806D.R.U.S LINCOLN ST HobartOK73651
5803934806D.R.U.E LINCOLN ST MangumOK73554
5803934806D.R.U.PO BOX 164 SentinelOK73664
5803934806D.R.U.S CIRCLE DR #164 SentinelOK73664
5803934807LOY G J.SOUTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934807N. J.SOUTH BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803934807N. J.BOUNDARY ST SentinelOK73664
5803934807N. J.S BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934811V. C.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934812S. C.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934816A. C.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934816A. C.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803934818T.F S.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934818M.L S.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934819T.F S.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934819T. S.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934819M. S.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934825D.J S.5TH ST HobartOK73651
5803934825D.J S.5TH ST SentinelOK73664
5803934825R.L S.5TH ST HobartOK73651
5803934825R.L S.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934825R.L S.5TH ST SentinelOK73664
5803934826J.K.M.RR 1 #20 SentinelOK73664
5803934826J.K.M.RR 1 #20 SentinelOK73664
5803934827L.M WAX MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934828C.F F.SentinelOK73664
5803934828C.F F.PO BOX 286 #E SentinelOK73664
5803934837LEE K.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934840D.A.S.PO BOX 3603 EnidOK73702
5803934840D.A.S.DOGWOOD LN EnidOK73703
5803934844E. H.8TH SentinelOK73664
5803934844E. H.8TH WeatherfordOK73096
5803934844E. H.8TH SentinelOK73664
5803934844E. H.8TH WeatherfordOK73096
5803934852B. M.5TH HobartOK73651
5803934852B. M.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934853K. S.LINCOLN SentinelOK73664
5803934853G. S.LINCOLN SentinelOK73664
5803934853G. S.LINCOLN Elk CityOK73664
5803934857B. C.WASHINGTON ST SentinelOK73664
5803934863A. S.1/2 4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934865R.L R.OF CITY SentinelOK73664
5803934866D. C.9TH CordellOK73632
5803934873C. D.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934873C. D.4TH Dill CityOK73641
5803934873D. D.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934874H R.LINCOLN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934879K. W.CIRCLE SentinelOK73664
5803934881O.L H.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934881O.L H.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934883L. B.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934885N.T R.7TH HobartOK73651
5803934885N.J R.7TH HobartOK73651
5803934885N. R.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934885N.T R.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934885N.J R.7TH SentinelOK73664
5803934885N.J R.7 SentinelOK73664
5803934886S. C.LINCOLN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934887R. S.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934887R. S.ROGERS SentinelOK73664
5803934887R. S.IRIS HobartOK73651
5803934893J. I.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934899C.C E.MAIN ST SentinelOK73664
5803934899C. E.MAIN HobartOK73651
5803934899C. E.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934899C.C E.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934900K.R H.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803934900K.R H.GRANT SentinelOK73664
5803934901T.D W.3RD SentinelOK73664
5803934905T.OF S. BOX 38 SENTINELOK73664
5803934905T.OF S. E MAIN ST SENTINELOK73664
5803934907T. H.5TH HobartOK73651
5803934907T. H.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934907T. H.5TH HobartOK73651
5803934907T. H.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934909REY G.5TH HobartOK73651
5803934909REY G.5TH SentinelOK73651
5803934910M. R.ALLEN SentinelOK73664
5803934911INA M B.SOUTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934915AMY R R.MEADOW LN #4 WeatherfordOK73096
5803934915AMY R R.SUZANNE DR #16 WeatherfordOK73096
5803934915AMY R R.N LYLE RD #8 WeatherfordOK73096
5803934927E.J K.9TH SentinelOK73664
5803934931C.J M.10TH HobartOK73651
5803934931C.J M.10TH SentinelOK73664
5803934931C.L M.10TH SentinelOK73664
5803934931C.L M.10TH ST HobartOK73651
5803934935R.A H.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934935J.S H.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934935J.S H.SHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934941ROY H.EN BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934941ROY H.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934941ROY E H.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934941ROY E H.N BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934941ROY E H.NORTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934941ROY H.EN BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934941ROY H.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934941ROY E H.BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934941ROY E H.N BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934941ROY E H.NORTH BOUNDARY SentinelOK73664
5803934943L. F.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73651
5803934943L.C F.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803934943L.C F.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934943L.C F.WASHINGTON HobartOK73651
5803934947D. E.6TH ST HobartOK73651
5803934947D. H.WASHITA SentinelOK73664
5803934948A. D.WASHITA SentinelOK73664
5803934955J. I.MAIN Lone WolfOK73655
5803934958L.P T.MAIN ST HobartOK73651
5803934958L.P T.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934971J. V.4TH HobartOK73651
5803934971J. V.4TH Dill CityOK73641
5803934971J. V.6TH HobartOK73651
5803934971J.W V.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934971J. V.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934973J. B.2ND SentinelOK73664
5803934973JOE H.2ND ClintonOK73601
5803934973JOE H.WASHINGTON SentinelOK73664
5803934973JOE H.2ND SentinelOK73601
5803934975M.L R.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934975M.L R.6 SentinelOK73664
5803934975M.L R.6TH HobartOK73651
5803934981T. B.5TH HobartOK73651
5803934981T.A B.5TH HobartOK73651
5803934981T.A B.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934981R. R.5TH HobartOK73651
5803934981R.L R.5TH SentinelOK73664
5803934981R.L R.5TH HobartOK73651
5803934986M. H.MAIN SentinelOK73664
5803934986M. H.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934986M.A H.WHITMER SentinelOK73664
5803934989K. T.4TH SentinelOK73664
5803934989K. T.4TH HobartOK73651
5803934998BOB W.6TH SentinelOK73601
5803934998BOB R W.6TH ClintonOK73601
5803934998C.S W.6TH SentinelOK73664
5803934998C.S W.6TH ST ClintonOK73601
5803936989A.H H.118TH TE NW ArapahoOK73620
5803936989A.H H.118TH TE NW ArapahoOK73620
5803937911R. L.ELK AVE SentinelOK73664
5803939837J.R.R.ELK ST AltusOK73521
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