Recent SafeCaller Activity for Area Code 740
Telephone Comments Timestamp
7404343946Marked Not Safe by IP address 104.169.#2##145: 2019-08-26 06:37:20
7405410569Marked Safe Caller by IP address 174.231.#3##100: 2019-08-26 02:28:55
7409787919Marked Not Safe by IP address 107.77.1#5##28: 2019-08-25 21:50:36
7403360644Marked Not Safe by IP address 104.191.#4##215: 2019-08-25 20:24:10
7405356947Marked Not Safe by IP address 73.183.1#4##4: 2019-08-25 19:42:31
7403334171Marked Safe Caller by IP address 71.72.88#9##: 2019-08-25 19:35:15
7409756374Marked Not Safe by IP address 24.26.12#.##6: 2019-08-25 19:28:18
7409756374Marked Not Safe by IP address 24.26.12#.##6: 2019-08-25 19:27:43
7402608143Marked Not Safe by IP address 142.136.#2##96: 2019-08-25 19:16:07
7408050453Marked Safe Caller by IP address 97.41.2.#0##: 2019-08-25 17:38:16

Understanding the Listings

The listings to the right include the initials of the name, as well as the street, registered to a given phone number.

By clicking on the link for the number, you will see a detailed view. The detailed view will show the full name (rather than just initials), as well as the full street address, when available.

To see a detailed contact, you may also type any phone number into the search box to the left, instead of browsing the White & Yellow Pages.

Location Information

Phone numbers beginning 740-206 may be located in any city/state in the United States.

This is a result of various phone number portability regulations.

The location listed in our directories is actual data from public sources, rather than a "guess" at a location based on the areacode.

Tagged Numbers

SafeCaller If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a 'safe' contact.

Not Safe If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a problematic contact. For example, it may be a telemarketer, bill collector, prank caller, or other nuisance caller.

White & Yellow Page Listings

Phone Name (Initials) Street City State Zip Code
7402060000E.M S.SEQUOYA LondonOH43140
7402061180S A.G.MD I.M. L2854 COLUMBUSOH43260
7402061180S A.G.MD I.M. S HIGH ST DUBLINOH43017
7402061260B.K.P.D BOX 1281 POWELLOH43065
7402061260B.K.P.D ROSWELL PL POWELLOH43065
7402062006A.L M.CHOCTAW LondonOH43140
7402062006A.L M.CHOCTAW LondonOH43140
7402062011T. S.SURREY LondonOH43140
7402062011T.R S.SURREY LondonOH43140
7402062011S. RAY SYCAMORE LondonOH43140
7402062018S. D.STATE ROUTE 56 SE LondonOH43140
7402062020D.M E.OLD US HIGHWAY 40 LondonOH43140
7402062020D.M E.OLD US HWY 40 LondonOH43140
7402062025T. H.MAIN LondonOH43140
7402062025T. H.MAIN LondonOH43140
7402062037K. O.LINDSEY LondonOH43140
7402062037K. O.LINDSEY ColumbusOH43085
7402062039J.J C.NEW HAMPSHIRE ColumbusOH43085
7402062041S. W.LAMPLIGHT CT LondonOH43140
7402062050R. A.FAIRVIEW LondonOH43140
7402062053J.D D.SPRING VALLEY LondonOH43140
7402062053S. D.SPRING VALLEY LondonOH43140
7402062058R.M G.ASHFORD LondonOH43140
7402062066J. G.BOWMAN LondonOH43140
7402062067V.A ELI HURON LondonOH43140
7402062067V. ELI HURON LondonOH43140
7402062070I. M.MAIN LondonOH43140
7402062070I. M.MAIN LondonOH43140
7402062083K.D S.2ND LondonOH43140
7402062090M.V I.OLD US HIGHWAY 40 LondonOH43140
7402062090P.J I.OLD US HIGHWAY 40 LondonOH43140
7402062092E R.MUIRWOOD DR LondonOH43140
7402062097D.K Q.OAK LondonOH43140
7402062097M.A Q.OAK LondonOH43140
7402062097S.L Q.OAK LondonOH43140
7402062102S. G.NORTHVIEW ColumbusOH43209
7402062102S.L G.NORTHVIEW LondonOH43140
7402062103T.D O.CENTER ST LondonOH43140
7402062103K.M R.CENTER LondonOH43140
7402062106A. B.OAK LondonOH43140
7402062109L. P.OLD COLUMBUS ColumbusOH43085
7402062109L. P.OLD COLUMBUS RD LondonOH43140
7402062109L.D P.OLD COLUMBUS LondonOH43140
7402062112M. S.1/2 LOGAN LondonOH43140
7402062113M. S.LOGAN LondonOH43140
7402062122K.F A.OAK LondonOH43140
7402062122N. A.OAK ST LondonOH43140
7402062126G.W T.US HWY 42 SE LondonOH43140
7402062132M.S W.BOWMAN LondonOH43140
7402062146D.L.W.COLTON RD ColumbusOH43207
7402062146D.L.W.SYCAMORE LN LondonOH43140
7402062150K. S.MAPLE ST LondonOH43140
7402062151J. T.SHEFFIELD LondonOH43140
7402062152J. T.SEACOVE LondonOH43140
7402062159S. M.LINDSEY LondonOH43140
7402062159S. M.LINDSEY ColumbusOH43085
7402062159S. M.LINDSEY LOOP LondonOH43140
7402062160K. L.MARYLAND LondonOH43140
7402062160K. L.ANDREW LondonOH43140
7402062162J. A.CENTER ST LondonOH43140
7402062162J. A.CENTER LondonOH43140
7402062170P. B.US HIGHWAY 42 ColumbusOH43085
7402062170P. B.US HIGHWAY 42 LondonOH43140
7402062170B.E B.US HIGHWAY 42 LondonOH43140
7402062175A.SUE D.S MAIN ST LondonOH43140
7402062178G. P.SEACOVE LondonOH43140
7402062178A. P.SEACOVE LondonOH43140
7402062181M. R.WESTERN LondonOH43140
7402062181D.M P.WALNUT LondonOH43140
7402062201M.E G.PALOUSE LondonOH43140
7402062201L. G.PALOUSE LondonOH43140
7402062203D.P K.CHEROKEE LondonOH43140
7402062203D.P K.CHEROKEE LondonOH43140
7402062271A. R.GARFIELD ColumbusOH43085
7402062271A.D R.GARFIELD ColumbusOH43205
7402062271A.D R.GARFIELD LondonOH43140
7402062271J.A R.GARFIELD ColumbusOH43205
7402062271J.A R.GARFIELD LondonOH43140
7402062271N.M R.GARFIELD LondonOH43140
7402062271N.M R.GARFIELD ColumbusOH43205
7402062274K. F.VICTORIA LondonOH43140
7402062274K. F.VICTORIA LondonOH43140
7402062284I. H.SYCAMORE LondonOH43140
7402062287P. S.CLAUDIA LondonOH43140
7402062295E. G.MADISON LondonOH43140
7402062299K.M C.CHOCTAW LondonOH43140
7402062301J H.SHERMAN LondonOH43140
7402062303B. R.HIGH LondonOH43140
7402062303J.M R.HIGH LondonOH43140
7402062315L. B.OLD US HIGHWAY 42 LondonOH43140
7402062331T.E J.THAMES LondonOH43140
7402062331A.R J.THAMES LondonOH43140
7402062336T.M COY SURREY LondonOH43140
7402062336T.M COY JACQUELINE LondonOH43140
7402062339J.A V.OAK LondonOH43140
7402062365D. B.CENTER LondonOH43140
7402062365D. S.DORSET LondonOH43140
7402062396S. S.OAK LondonOH43140
7402062410S.L P.KENDALL LondonOH43140
7402062414R.K O.CHOCTAW LondonOH43140
7402062418S.G H.UNION LondonOH43140
7402062418S.G H.UNION LondonOH43140
7402062429J.A O.CHOCTAW LondonOH43140
7402062430BOB W.SHERMAN LondonOH43140
7402062438B. J.SHEFFIELD LondonOH43140
7402062439P.J H.CHOCTAW LondonOH43140
7402062439P.T H.CHOCTAW LondonOH43140
7402062444T. S.SPRING VALLEY LondonOH43140
7402062448D.E H.MUIRWOOD LondonOH43140
7402062448D.E H.MUIRWOOD LondonOH43140
7402062451A. G.CLAUDIA LondonOH43140
7402062458J.L B.US HIGHWAY 42 SW LondonOH43140
7402062458J.L B.LIBERTY ST LondonOH43140
7402062486T.L M.GRACELAND LondonOH43140
7402062486T.L M.GRACELAND LondonOH43140
7402062489A. P.HIGH LondonOH43140
7402062502T. S.SURREY LondonOH43140
7402062507K C.MABEL LondonOH43140
7402062511E.K J.SHERMAN LondonOH43140
7402062542D.B H.TERRY LEE CT LondonOH43140
7402066H.M.H.S PEARL ST #1 AlbanyNY12202
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