Recent SafeCaller Activity for Area Code 740
Telephone Comments Timestamp
7403582079Marked Not Safe by IP address 173.88.1#.##: 2019-11-18 20:01:12
7402724523Marked Not Safe by IP address 71.61.11#.##0: 2019-11-18 19:21:02
7407725111Marked Safe Caller by IP address 67.129.1#.##0: 2019-11-18 18:29:08
7409695188Marked Not Safe by IP address 199.188.#7##71: 2019-11-18 17:05:20
7404388471Marked Not Safe by IP address 174.233.#3##95: 2019-11-18 16:04:57
7409695188Marked Not Safe by IP address 198.62.9#.##: 2019-11-18 15:46:59
7403076523Marked Not Safe by IP address 172.58.1#1##23: 2019-11-18 14:31:38
7409695174Marked Not Safe by IP address 174.26.2#3##26: 2019-11-18 13:50:13
7409102225Marked Not Safe by IP address 76.181.2#6##1: 2019-11-18 12:42:46
7402521455Marked Not Safe by IP address 174.233.#3##143: 2019-11-18 06:22:54

Understanding the Listings

The listings to the right include the initials of the name, as well as the street, registered to a given phone number.

By clicking on the link for the number, you will see a detailed view. The detailed view will show the full name (rather than just initials), as well as the full street address, when available.

To see a detailed contact, you may also type any phone number into the search box to the left, instead of browsing the White & Yellow Pages.

Location Information

Phone numbers beginning 740-527 may be located in any city/state in the United States.

This is a result of various phone number portability regulations.

The location listed in our directories is actual data from public sources, rather than a "guess" at a location based on the areacode.

Tagged Numbers

SafeCaller If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a 'safe' contact.

Not Safe If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a problematic contact. For example, it may be a telemarketer, bill collector, prank caller, or other nuisance caller.

White & Yellow Page Listings

Phone Name (Initials) Street City State Zip Code
7405270544I. V.REICHART AVE #604 SteubenvilleOH43953
7405271324E.L.P.T S SteubenvilleOH43952
7405272000T. D.BROADWAY HebronOH43025
7405272008R.L S.NATIONAL HebronOH43025
7405272010K. W.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272011L.T H.REFUGEE HebronOH43025
7405272012A. C.MILL Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272012A. C.HEBRON HebronOH43025
7405272016A. P.HIGH HebronOH43025
7405272016A.L P.HIGH HebronOH43025
7405272016K. C.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272018R.A HOY HEBRON HebronOH43025
7405272018R.A HOY HEBRON HebronOH43025
7405272020M. P.NATIONAL HebronOH43025
7405272023J.L S.VISTA HeathOH43056
7405272032MAY P.3 Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272033K. T.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272038J. B.AVALON ColumbusOH43085
7405272038J.C B.AVALON MillersportOH43046
7405272043K. S.ROSEBRAUGH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272047T. P.CLIFF Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272050M.F W.KELLY HebronOH43025
7405272055TIM P.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272062D. S.LAKESHORE ColumbusOH43085
7405272062D.K S.LAKESHORE HebronOH43025
7405272067K. B.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272069B. O.KELLY HebronOH43025
7405272069K.W O.KELLY HebronOH43025
7405272077C. G.BLACKLICK MillersportOH43046
7405272077C. G.HAMILTON MillersportOH43046
7405272081KIM C.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272081KIM C.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272082C.L M.GREENBRIAR HebronOH43025
7405272082C.L M.GREENBRIAR HebronOH43025
7405272083ANN G.MAIN HebronOH43025
7405272083L. D.LAKEWOOD HebronOH43025
7405272087H. M.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272087H. M.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272087S. G.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272087T. P.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272088M. D.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405272097J. W.UNION Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272098C. S.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272102B.M.S.CANAL RD #6D HebronOH43025
7405272102P.E S.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272114A.R.F.LAKESHORE DR #SE HebronOH43025
7405272115F. A.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405272115F.G A.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405272117J. H.7TH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272117J. H.7TH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272123J.D S.DENNISON HebronOH43025
7405272125A. H.HEBRON HebronOH43025
7405272129E. H.LAKESHORE HebronOH43025
7405272129A. P.CENTRAL Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272129E. H.LAKESHORE HebronOH43025
7405272132B. D.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272137R.S D.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272137R.S D.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272138J. W.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272138L. H.CUMBERLAND MEADOWS HebronOH43025
7405272141M. P.MAPLEWOOD HebronOH43025
7405272141S. P.MAPLEWOOD HebronOH43025
7405272144D. S.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272146T.D C.LEXINGTON ThornvilleOH43076
7405272147N.W K.TAYLOR WAY HebronOH43025
7405272147T.W K.TAYLOR WAY HebronOH43025
7405272149S. H.GREENBRIAR HebronOH43025
7405272149S. H.GREENBRIAR HebronOH43025
7405272150D.M H.LAKESHORE HebronOH43025
7405272150K.K H.LAKESHORE HebronOH43025
7405272150D.M H.LAKESHORE HebronOH43025
7405272150K.K H.LAKESHORE HebronOH43025
7405272152D. S.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272158J.A W.MAIN HebronOH43025
7405272158S. W.MAIN HebronOH43025
7405272160J. S.SMITH HebronOH43025
7405272162B.A W.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272163T C.6 Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272163T C.6TH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272163T C.6TH HebronOH43025
7405272168R.J P.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272168L.M P.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272169N.R S.GALE HebronOH43025
7405272171T.M B.REFUGEE HebronOH43025
7405272173K.D C.BLOCKER HeathOH43056
7405272176R.E M.HAMILTON HebronOH43025
7405272176R.E M.HAMILTON HebronOH43025
7405272182L. I.6 Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272183S.R B.1ST HebronOH43025
7405272183T.M B.1ST HebronOH43025
7405272184C. J.COLUMBUS ThornvilleOH43076
7405272188B.R B.HEBRON HebronOH43025
7405272188C.A M.HEBRON RD Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272188C.A M.HEBRON RD HebronOH43025
7405272197C.R O.LAKEWOOD HebronOH43025
7405272200JOY S B.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272200JOY S B.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272203T. A.ELM HebronOH43025
7405272203T. A.KELLY HebronOH43025
7405272203P.J A.KELLY HebronOH43025
7405272203P.J A.ELM HebronOH43025
7405272203R. H.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272203JOE W.MCLEISH MillersportOH43046
7405272203R. H.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272208IVA K R.WORTH HebronOH43025
7405272208IVA K R.WILSHIRE HebronOH43025
7405272208KAY R.WILSHIRE HebronOH43025
7405272208KAY R.WORTH HebronOH43025
7405272210J. S.HIGHLAND Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272214B. T.MILLERSPORT HebronOH43025
7405272214B. T.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405272220L. D.LEES HebronOH43025
7405272222S. H.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272222S. H.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272224B.S M.HIGHLAND Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272231T.L H.VISTA HeathOH43056
7405272231T.L H.VISTA HeathOH43056
7405272232M. G.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272232M.L G.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272239R. A.PARK Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272241D. R.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272241D. R.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272250S. N.REFUGEE HebronOH43025
7405272250SUE M N.REFUGEE HebronOH43025
7405272250SUE S N.REFUGEE HebronOH43025
7405272253R.E S.MAIN HebronOH43025
7405272254E.V E.COSHOCTON ThornvilleOH43076
7405272257S.W.S.CANAL RD #7C HebronOH43025
7405272257S.W.S.PO BOX 715 Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272260K. P.RENNER Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272261M. M.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272261M. M.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272262R.L H.VILLA HeathOH43056
7405272266R. C.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272268R.L H.AMHERST HebronOH43025
7405272268R.L H.AMHERST HebronOH43025
7405272268R.C H.AMHERST HebronOH43025
7405272268R.L H.AMHERST HebronOH43025
7405272268R.C H.AMHERST HebronOH43025
7405272270JOE W.LAKESIDE MillersportOH43046
7405272277S. T.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272278J.D.H.WALNUT RD HebronOH43025
7405272278J.D.H.WALNUT RD HebronOH43025
7405272279A. P.2 HebronOH43025
7405272279A.M P.2ND HebronOH43025
7405272279N.J P.2ND HebronOH43025
7405272280R.J A.LAKEWOOD HebronOH43025
7405272280J.A W.LAKE DRIVE HebronOH43025
7405272287C. R.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272315A. F.UNION Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272316C. P.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405272317T.J G.4TH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272320B. M.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272327H. R.1/2 ELM HebronOH43025
7405272327H. R.KELLY HebronOH43025
7405272329M. S.7TH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272331D. K.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272331D. K.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272335J. D.2 Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272335J. D.2ND Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272337D.D O.GREENBRIAR HebronOH43025
7405272337R.D O.GREENBRIAR HebronOH43025
7405272340R. C.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272343K.C H.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405272343K.C H.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405272343J.C H.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405272344C. H.NORTH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272344S. R.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272346R.F B.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405272346M.A B.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405272352N. M.LAKE DRIVE HebronOH43025
7405272352N. M.LAKE DRIVE HebronOH43025
7405272352N. M.LAKE DRIVE HebronOH43025
7405272358D. A.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272358D. A.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272358D. A.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272359D.L P.HEBRON RD #56 HebronOH43025
7405272364R. D.MAIN HebronOH43025
7405272365L. I.6TH STREET NEEL BUCK Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272365L.E I.6TH STREET NEEL Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272365AMY C.MYERS Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272366M.E F.MARQUARDT MillersportOH43046
7405272368L.M D.YORK HebronOH43025
7405272368L.J D.YORK HebronOH43025
7405272369A.T V.LAKEWOOD HebronOH43025
7405272369M. V.LAKEWOOD HebronOH43025
7405272376K.M M.HARBOR VIEW ThornvilleOH43076
7405272376K.M M.HARBOR VIEW ThornvilleOH43076
7405272377J.R S.HIGHLAND Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272383D. C.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272383C. B.SMITH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272390M. G.MAIN HebronOH43025
7405272390T. G.MAIN HebronOH43025
7405272396J.C.W.FOREST RIDGE DR HebronOH43025
7405272400R.E M.WALNUT RD #SE HebronOH43025
7405272401W. D.7TH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272403J. R.PARK HebronOH43025
7405272403J. R.PARKS HebronOH43025
7405272404J. E.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272404J. E.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272405J. F.VILLA HeathOH43056
7405272407M.C W.GEARHART MillersportOH43046
7405272408A. C.LAKEWOOD HebronOH43025
7405272413K. W.GALE HebronOH43025
7405272424K. D.7TH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272425M. H.1ST STREET 8 Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272425M. H.1ST Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272429C.M P.LEES HebronOH43025
7405272431G. G.RASPBERRY HebronOH43025
7405272440VIE N M.HILLTOP ThornvilleOH43076
7405272440VIE N M.HILLTOP ThornvilleOH43076
7405272444B. R.PARK Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272445T. W.BROADWAY HebronOH43025
7405272467A.S A.RASPBERRY HebronOH43025
7405272467D.H A.RASPBERRY HebronOH43025
7405272467M.S A.RASPBERRY HebronOH43025
7405272478C. G.SCIOTO HeathOH43056
7405272500K. J.CLYDE HebronOH43025
7405272500C. H.HILTON HebronOH43025
7405272500C. H.HILTON Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272501C.D R.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272511R.L H.SANDPIPER ThornvilleOH43076
7405272527A. B.BANK Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272552C.Y H.SIMEON HebronOH43025
7405272552K.K H.SIMEON HebronOH43025
7405272552C.Y H.SIMEON HebronOH43025
7405272552C.Y H.SIMEON HebronOH43025
7405272555LON E F.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272557A. N.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272563D. Q.BELLEVIEW SteubenvilleOH43952
7405272575R.N H.COLUMBUS ThornvilleOH43076
7405272577J.E G.LAKESHORE HebronOH43025
7405272606S. P.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405272626S. S.ANCHORS Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272707C.S E.HEBRON RD #21 HebronOH43025
7405272722G.M N.LIGHTHOUSE Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272724M.D OGG SANDPIPER ThornvilleOH43076
7405272729J. C.LAKEWOOD HebronOH43025
7405272828T. F.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272828T. F.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272828T. F.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272828T. F.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272828T. F.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405272828T. F.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405272944S. R.SCIOTO HeathOH43056
7405273181B.A S.E CHURCH ST #54 SteubenvilleOH43953
7405273181B.A S.SABINA DR SteubenvilleOH43953
7405273973A. C.MAY AVE ColumbusOH43215
7405274677E.H J.PARKVIEW CIR SteubenvilleOH43952
7405274907J. H.MEADOWBROOK SteubenvilleOH43953
7405274907J. H.MEADOWBROOK SteubenvilleOH43953
7405275B.C.G.N WILLAMETTE BLVD #172 PortlandOR97203
7405279001E. G.SMITH Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279001E. G.SMITH ColumbusOH43085
7405279002PAM G.TAYLOR WAY HebronOH43025
7405279002P.S G.TAYLOR WAY HebronOH43025
7405279009T.M R.BEAVER RUN HebronOH43025
7405279009G. R.BEAVER RUN HebronOH43025
7405279013R V.COLUMBUS ColumbusOH43085
7405279014C. D.ZANESVILLE ThornvilleOH43076
7405279014C. D.ZANESVILLE ColumbusOH43085
7405279023S. D.AVONDALE ThornvilleOH43076
7405279059S.L W.WOODLAND HebronOH43025
7405279063L. A.LAKE FOREST HebronOH43025
7405279063L. A.BROADWAY HebronOH43025
7405279065C. D.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405279067V.M B.WHITETAIL RIDGE HebronOH43025
7405279076J. L.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405279081H.L C.CRISTLAND HILL ThornvilleOH43076
7405279082M F.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279082M F.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405279084D. S.SOUTH HebronOH43025
7405279112D. I.HIGHLAND Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279112D. I.HIGHLAND WorthingtonOH43085
7405279114S. S.LEROY Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279114S. S.LEROY ColumbusOH43085
7405279124S.J P.WALNUT HebronOH43025
7405279148J.T B.CENTRAL Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279148B. B.CENTRAL ColumbusOH43223
7405279148J.T B.CENTRAL ColumbusOH43223
7405279150M. B.AULD HebronOH43025
7405279150M. B.AULD RIDGE ColumbusOH43085
7405279150M. B.AULD RIDGE HebronOH43025
7405279150M. B.CANAL HebronOH43025
7405279165D. H.HARBOR VIEW HebronOH43025
7405279165D.W H.HARBOR VIEW HebronOH43025
7405279165D.W H.HARBOR VIEW ThornvilleOH43076
7405279165D. H.HARBOR VIEW HebronOH43025
7405279165D.W H.HARBOR VIEW HebronOH43025
7405279165D.W H.HARBOR VIEW ThornvilleOH43076
7405279173A.V G.HILTON RD #1332 HebronOH43025
7405279176N.J E.BROADWAY HebronOH43025
7405279178C. S.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279193D. G.157 HIGH ST S HebronOH43025
7405279193D. G.S HIGH ST HebronOH43025
7405279195M. S.LAKEVIEW Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279207C.A B.CENTRAL HebronOH43025
7405279207C.A B.CENTRAL ColumbusOH43223
7405279207C.A B.CENTRAL Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279215R. N.6TH ColumbusOH43215
7405279220S. H.HIGHLAND Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279223T. T.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279229D.L M.KELLY HebronOH43025
7405279242N.E P.NATIONAL HebronOH43025
7405279249D. S.SEYMOUR Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279276G.G B.GALE HebronOH43025
7405279276S.R B.GALE HebronOH43025
7405279283J.W E.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405279283P.L E.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405279286D. G.LAKESHORE ColumbusOH43085
7405279286D. G.LAKESHORE HebronOH43025
7405279287S. C.BANK MillersportOH43046
7405279289T.N M.HARBOR VIEW ThornvilleOH43076
7405279289T.N M.HARBOR VIEW ThornvilleOH43076
7405279289J. M.HARBOR VIEW PerryOH44081
7405279289J.W M.HARBOR VIEW ThornvilleOH43076
7405279289T.N M.HARBOR VIEW ThornvilleOH43076
7405279289T.N M.HARBOR VIEW ThornvilleOH43076
7405279290S.R S.COSHOCTON ThornvilleOH43076
7405279292T. S.CLARK MillersportOH43046
7405279292T. S.CLARK ColumbusOH43085
7405279297T. G.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279297T.A G.WALNUT Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279303R. B.THORNWOOD HeathOH43056
7405279312C. P.ELMHURST Buckeye LakeOH43008
7405279320M. M.BANK ColumbusOH43085
7405279320M.R M.BANK MillersportOH43046
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