Recent SafeCaller Activity for Area Code 740
Telephone Comments Timestamp
7409461983Marked Safe Caller by IP address 139.167.#7##19: 2020-08-11 21:09:25
7409719200Marked Not Safe by IP address 73.42.71#1##: 2020-08-11 18:40:37
7402181114Marked Not Safe by IP address 67.0.84.#1##: 2020-08-11 18:21:21
7406527661Marked Safe Caller by IP address 71.72.24#.##6: 2020-08-11 16:36:47
7406565256Marked Not Safe by IP address 174.101.#0##80: 2020-08-11 15:38:19
7403654443Marked Not Safe by IP address 184.59.1#6##18: 2020-08-10 19:07:26
7409506409Marked Safe Caller by IP address 121.46.8#.##: 2020-08-10 16:24:23
7406012413Marked Safe Caller by IP address 106.216.#6##213: 2020-08-10 10:39:38
7409150018Marked Not Safe by IP address 139.138.#3##51: 2020-08-09 21:45:48
7409150018Marked Safe Caller by IP address 139.138.#3##51: 2020-08-09 21:28:07

Understanding the Listings

The listings to the right include the initials of the name, as well as the street, registered to a given phone number.

By clicking on the link for the number, you will see a detailed view. The detailed view will show the full name (rather than just initials), as well as the full street address, when available.

To see a detailed contact, you may also type any phone number into the search box to the left, instead of browsing the White & Yellow Pages.

Location Information

Phone numbers beginning 740-954 may be located in any city/state in the United States.

This is a result of various phone number portability regulations.

The location listed in our directories is actual data from public sources, rather than a "guess" at a location based on the areacode.

Tagged Numbers

SafeCaller If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a 'safe' contact.

Not Safe If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a problematic contact. For example, it may be a telemarketer, bill collector, prank caller, or other nuisance caller.

White & Yellow Page Listings

Phone Name (Initials) Street City State Zip Code
7409540J.T P.HUNSICKER RD LancasterPA17601
7409541324GUY W L.VIRGINIA AshvilleOH43103
7409543002J. P.RICHARD AshvilleOH43103
7409543004T.A S.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543004H.N S.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543007K. S.EUCLID AshvilleOH43103
7409543007J. P.BRIARWOOD South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543007J.D P.BRIARWOOD AshvilleOH43103
7409543010P. M.JEFFERSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543010T.L K.FRONT ST Grove CityOH43123
7409543010T.L K.LONG ST #407 AshvilleOH43103
7409543010P. M.AMBER AshvilleOH43103
7409543010P. M.JEFFERSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543010T.L K.FRONT ST Grove CityOH43123
7409543020K. R.AshvilleOH43103
7409543024R. H.DOWLER South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543024TOM H.WOODFIELD AshvilleOH43103
7409543024TOM H.WOODFIELD South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543024TOM H.WOODFIELD AshvilleOH43103
7409543024TOM H.WOODFIELD South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543025K. S.EAST AshvilleOH43103
7409543037K.R F.SUNNYSIDE AshvilleOH43103
7409543037J.L F.SUNNYSIDE AshvilleOH43103
7409543038M.T E.PONTIAC AshvilleOH43103
7409543039A.M D.SOUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543042J.B D.HUTCHISON AshvilleOH43103
7409543046KIM M T.STATION AshvilleOH43103
7409543046KIM C T.STATION AshvilleOH43103
7409543050T.J C.VIRGINIA AshvilleOH43103
7409543058L.K T.LEE AshvilleOH43103
7409543064E. M.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543069JON T D.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543075D.S D.SCIOTO AshvilleOH43103
7409543075D.S D.JEFFERSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543078M.L H.ABBY AshvilleOH43103
7409543088J. P.SOUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543089R. F.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543089R. F.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543092W. T.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543092K.W E.PLUM AshvilleOH43103
7409543092H.W P.PLUM AshvilleOH43103
7409543092L.W P.PLUM AshvilleOH43103
7409543098A.M S.SKYLINE AshvilleOH43103
7409543098U.A W.CORNSTALK AshvilleOH43103
7409543101D.S D.SCIOTO AshvilleOH43103
7409543102S. S.BAZLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543108B. G.SOUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543108C.A E.EAST AshvilleOH43103
7409543108K.L E.EAST AshvilleOH43103
7409543115D. M.SOUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543115D. M.SOUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543116B.A D.GLENN AshvilleOH43103
7409543116J. D.GLENN AshvilleOH43103
7409543117M. R.LEXINGTON AshvilleOH43103
7409543117M.A R.SKYLINE AshvilleOH43103
7409543117M. R.SKYLINE South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543118D. V.PICKAWAY AshvilleOH43103
7409543120B.E C.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543121G. G.SKYLINE AshvilleOH43103
7409543121G. G.SKYLINE South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543125C. S.DANIELSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543125REX J S.DANIELSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543125C.L S.DANIELSON CIR AshvilleOH43103
7409543126S. H.MAIN AshvilleOH43103
7409543126D.L C.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543127A.J M.THOMPSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543127A.J M.THOMPSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543129D.M S.JEFFERSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543131L.A D.SOUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543131L D.SOUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543132JON W.WALNUT South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543136H. R.MARY AshvilleOH43103
7409543145P. D.1/2 MAIN AshvilleOH43103
7409543145P. D.1/2 MAIN South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543150M.D D.MILLPORT AshvilleOH43103
7409543150S.A D.MILLPORT AshvilleOH43103
7409543150R. D.MILLPORT South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543150R. D.MILLPORT AshvilleOH43103
7409543150J.D S.MILLPORT AshvilleOH43103
7409543150M.D S.MILLPORT AshvilleOH43103
7409543155R.L I.NORTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543155BOB I.NORTH South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543155C.A I.NORTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543160K.S D.LEE AshvilleOH43103
7409543161AMY A S.ASHVILLE PIKE AshvilleOH43103
7409543162A. H.DOWLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543165TIM H.BLOOMFIELD HILLS South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543166M.D R.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543167A.N B.CHURCH AshvilleOH43103
7409543170H. S.SCIOTO AshvilleOH43103
7409543176C.A H.SKYLINE AshvilleOH43103
7409543178S. R.ABBY AshvilleOH43103
7409543178T.R R.ABBY AshvilleOH43103
7409543179M. K.WOODFIELD AshvilleOH43103
7409543179M. K.WOODFIELD AshvilleOH43103
7409543180L.S D.DAVIDSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543180J. F.STATION AshvilleOH43103
7409543184B. S.SKYLINE South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543184B.M S.SKYLINE AshvilleOH43103
7409543188R.S W.LOCKBOURNE EASTERN AshvilleOH43103
7409543188R.S W.PRINCETON AshvilleOH43103
7409543188R.S W.WALNUT AshvilleOH43103
7409543189S.C J.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543194K. P.OAK AshvilleOH43103
7409543194K. P.OAK South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543198C.D J.SPRUCE RIDGE AshvilleOH43103
7409543203J. G.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543210C. R.MAIN AshvilleOH43103
7409543216R. F.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543217F. B.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543222S. C.NELSON South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543222S.M C.NELSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543223D. P.MAIN AshvilleOH43103
7409543228G. F.KILDOW AshvilleOH43103
7409543228L.L B.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543228M. B.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543228M.S B.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543229D. B.GRIGGS AshvilleOH43103
7409543229D. B.HAWTHORNE AshvilleOH43103
7409543232B. C.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543236J. P.RICHARD AshvilleOH43103
7409543237A.C B.VIRGINIA AshvilleOH43103
7409543237H.N B.VIRGINIA AshvilleOH43103
7409543238C. D.ASHTON AshvilleOH43103
7409543241A.C C.POWELL AshvilleOH43103
7409543244C. C.AMBER South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543244C. C.AMBER AshvilleOH43103
7409543246B.A B.PONTIAC AshvilleOH43103
7409543246J.A B.PONTIAC AshvilleOH43103
7409543246C.M S.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543246A.M P.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543248D. M.WALNUT South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543256ED B.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543257W. G.CANAL AshvilleOH43103
7409543258R. E.STATION AshvilleOH43103
7409543258R. E.STATION AshvilleOH43103
7409543261R. S.SKYLINE AshvilleOH43103
7409543262D. D.SOUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543270R. A.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543270G.F R.ASHTON DR AshvilleOH43103
7409543292A. R.SCIOTO AshvilleOH43103
7409543292A. R.MILLPORT AshvilleOH43103
7409543299J. P.CROMLEY AshvilleOH43103
7409543301J. D.SOUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543305S.M T.WALNUT CREEK AshvilleOH43103
7409543307S.L K.LEXINGTON AshvilleOH43103
7409543323B.L B.S MAIN ST MansfieldOH44902
7409543323B.L B.MILLER AVE AshvilleOH43103
7409543323B.L B.REXWOOD DR ColumbusOH43230
7409543333J. P.ABBY AshvilleOH43103
7409543333E.R H.JEFFERSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543333E.D H.JEFFERSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543401R. S.JEFFERSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543402S. B.RICHARD South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543402S.M B.RICHARD AshvilleOH43103
7409543404S.D B.CLINE AshvilleOH43103
7409543420C. B.NORTH South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543500T. J.LEXINGTON AshvilleOH43103
7409543502T. I.MAIN AshvilleOH43103
7409543554C.M Y.EAST AshvilleOH43103
7409543554C. Y.EAST AshvilleOH43103
7409543554C. Y.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543554S.L Y.EAST AshvilleOH43103
7409543555B.L W.KARST AshvilleOH43103
7409543555M.A W.KARST AshvilleOH43103
7409543616N. T.SOUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409543633J. H.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543633J.A H.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543636M. D.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543677S.C J.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409543701O. R.BLOOMFIELD HILLS AshvilleOH43103
7409543701O. R.BLOOMFIELD HILLS South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543711A. G.BAZLER AshvilleOH43103
7409543711S. H.BAZLER South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543711S. H.BAZLER South BloomfieldOH43103
7409543750E.T W.STATE ROUTE 159 KingstonOH45644
7409543750E.T W.2ND ST E AshvilleOH43103
7409543753A.J F.JEFFERSON AshvilleOH43103
7409543753A.J F.JEFFERSON AshvilleOH43103
7409545AMY L.P.BIRDIE LN SummervilleSC29485
7409548005F. T.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409548006D.S S.JEFFERSON AVE ColumbusOH43215
7409548006J.R S.JEFFERSON ColumbusOH43215
7409548006D.N S.JEFFERSON ColumbusOH43215
7409548006A. C.SCIOTO AshvilleOH43103
7409548008JOY L.MILLPORT South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548013S. B.DANIELSON AshvilleOH43103
7409548013S. B.DANIELSON South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548020A. F.MADISON AVE AshvilleOH43103
7409548020L. S.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548020L. S.LONG ColumbusOH43203
7409548022L.R M.MAIN AshvilleOH43103
7409548022W. M.MAIN AshvilleOH43103
7409548025A. D.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548027C.A C.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409548041B.L D.EAST AshvilleOH43103
7409548048L. H.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548048L.L H.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548050S. S.CROMLEY AshvilleOH43103
7409548052V.L H.CANAL ST AshvilleOH43103
7409548052V.L H.CANAL ST AshvilleOH43103
7409548056M.S B.DOWLER AshvilleOH43103
7409548056M.E B.DOWLER AshvilleOH43103
7409548056M. B.DOWLER South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548059J. P.SKYLINE South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548060A. S.RUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409548065T. P.PRINCETON AshvilleOH43103
7409548068AMY M B.PRINCETON AshvilleOH43103
7409548068T. B.PRINCETON AshvilleOH43103
7409548072D. C.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548073E.I J.HUTCHISON AshvilleOH43103
7409548074J.A S.NELSON AshvilleOH43103
7409548074J.H S.NELSON AshvilleOH43103
7409548076J.F P.MILLER AshvilleOH43103
7409548082T.M S.WALNUT CREEK AshvilleOH43103
7409548101C.G R.CLINE AshvilleOH43103
7409548106B. P.HONEYSUCKLE AshvilleOH43103
7409548106B. P.HONEYSUCKLE South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548122KIM C T.WOODFIELD AshvilleOH43103
7409548122KIM C T.WOODFIELD South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548122D.M H.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548122D.J H.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548125AMY B.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548137J.F L.CANAL South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548147B. I.LOCKBOURNE EASTERN AshvilleOH43103
7409548147S.R I.LOCKBOURNE EASTERN AshvilleOH43103
7409548150S. D.MONROE AshvilleOH43103
7409548154K. G.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548158L. B.SKYLINE AshvilleOH43103
7409548163P. P.BLOOMFIELD HILLS South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548163P. P.BLOOMFIELD HILLS AshvilleOH43103
7409548172D.A R.HUTCHISON AshvilleOH43103
7409548176A.N M.POWELL AshvilleOH43103
7409548176A.N M.POWELL AshvilleOH43103
7409548185A.M H.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548250S. U.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548268B.H P.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548268E. P.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548279A.C K.LONG ST #904 AshvilleOH43103
7409548279A.C K.LONG ST #904 AshvilleOH43103
7409548279A.C M.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548280J. T.WOODFIELD South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548280J.H T.WOODFIELD AshvilleOH43103
7409548285J.F L.LEXINGTON AshvilleOH43103
7409548287C.M N.ASHVILLE FAIRFIELD AshvilleOH43103
7409548302D.M H.DOWLER AshvilleOH43103
7409548302A. H.DOWLER South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548305J. R.STATE AshvilleOH43103
7409548308R. D.DOWLING AshvilleOH43103
7409548312L.L H.THOMPSON AshvilleOH43103
7409548319C. W.CONCORD AshvilleOH43103
7409548320W. R.LONG AshvilleOH43103
7409548325D. H.LOCKBOURNE EASTERN AshvilleOH43103
7409548325D. H.LOCKBOURNE EASTERN AshvilleOH43103
7409548343BEN M.OAK AshvilleOH43103
7409548343BEN M.OAK AshvilleOH43103
7409548346K.T T.BLOOMFIELD HILLS AshvilleOH43103
7409548346K.T T.BLOOMFIELD HILLS South BloomfieldOH43103
7409548346K.T T.POWELL AshvilleOH43103
7409548346T. T.POWELL AshvilleOH43103
7409548346T.A T.BLOOMFIELD HILLS AshvilleOH43103
7409548369P.A M.HEDGES AshvilleOH43103
7409548387H.E W.PLUM AshvilleOH43103
7409548387IAN H W.PLUM AshvilleOH43103
7409548401N. K.MAIN ColumbusOH43215
7409548401N. K.MAIN AshvilleOH43103
7409548401N. K.MAIN ColumbusOH43215
7409548401N. K.MAIN AshvilleOH43103
7409548402A. S.RUTH AshvilleOH43103
7409548405S.M H.KILDOW AshvilleOH43103
7409548405S.M H.KILDOW AshvilleOH43103
7409548412D.E H.JAMESON AshvilleOH43103
7409548412D.E H.JAMESON AshvilleOH43103
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