No, our contact database - with over 800 million information items - is fully searchable for the public. We may limit excessive use to protect our data.
By creating an account, you can take more control over your own contact information. Additionally, you can access advanced features such as Message Sending and Call History.
Currently, our data covers the United States, with some coverage for Canada. Our ambition is to provide global analytics and privacy controls, and plan to add more countries in the near future.
OkCaller provides contact information for more than 20 million businesses.
Our website is responsive and works fine on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone. The OkCaller App is scheduled to be released later in 2014.
We have coverage for a large majority of numbers in the United States. It is not, however, possible to list every number. Please check again in the future, as we are constantly adding new information to our site.
OkCaller is a free service. Advanced features are currently free to all registered users.
There are over 800 million contact names and addresses on OkCaller. Our information is derived from public sources and we do not charge for access to it. It some cases a paid search may have information not on our site, but in other cases, a paid search may yield less information than our site. We recommended first searching OkCaller.
Registered users may edit the contact information associated with each phone number they own. Simply create an account, enter your phone numbers, and choose what information you would like displayed on OkCaller.
One of the advanced features of OkCaller allows registered users to see the time, location and/or IP address of when their phone number was researched on the site. We believe in full transparency in both directions, as this ultimately provides the best privacy control for all. Therefore we do log activity on our site.
This means that an OkCaller user has reported this number as problematic. It may have been a telemarketer, a prank caller, a bill collector, or other nuisance caller. In many cases, feedback is available describing the reported problem.
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We try to respond to all email requests by the next business day.
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